Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Touched a Vole and I Liked It

Yesterday we checked the traps we set Tuesday. Dr. Buesching said we probably wouldn't find any animals in the morning because it was cold over night and the animals would just stay burrowed under ground for warmth. When we went to check our traps, we were surprised to find that three of the doors  were closed. What do you think it means if the trap door is closed? You're right, it means that something is probably inside. The traps have food and bedding We eagerly looked in all the traps, but they were all false alarms. There is one animal that can get into the traps and then get out again. It's a shrew. Why do you think the scientists would allow shrews to escape? Hint: Think about what animals need to survive and what we put into the traps.

In the afternoon, we caught two red-backed voles! Very exciting. One was in a trap that I set. It is a girl. We weighed her with a spring scale and then took her back to the spot where we found her and released her. It's OK that she is in a plastic bag because she is tiny and doesn't need that much oxygen.

There are several differences between a mouse and a vole. Do you know what they are?

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